Current Release

oaCapture 0.9.0 executables. Still many different Linux versions, but this time a little different as variations between libraries on different systems means binaries won’t work in so many places.

I’ve not included 32-bit binaries for anything. If you need those for anything recent and Linux-based then I may be able to build them and make them available here if you can’t do it yourself.

oaCapture-0.9.0 sources (bzip2)

The sources still include the ffmpeg, libusb, libuvc and libhidapi libraries necessary to allow some of the AVI functionality to work and are configured as part of the build process.

The Linux executables are regrettably still not yet built into an RPM or DEB file for installation.  That will happen eventually.  For the moment there is an installation script that should do the right thing for most people.

Old Releases

oaCapture 0.8.0 executables. Still many different Linux versions. First for older releases such as Ubuntu 12.04 and distributions based upon it, including Mint 13, DistroAstro 1.0.2 and DistroAstro 2.0. Then there are separate binaries for more modern Ubuntu and Ubuntu-based distributions, and for Fedora releases (which I hope will work from Fedora 18 on).

oaCapture-0.8.0 sources (bzip2)

oaCapture 0.7.0 executables.

oaCapture-0.7.0 sources (bzip2)

oaCapture 0.6.0 executables.

oaCapture-0.6.0 sources (bzip2)

oaCapture 0.5.0 executables.

oaCapture-0.5.0 sources (bzip2)

oaCapture 0.4.0 executables.

oaCapture-0.4.0 sources (bzip2)

oaCapture 0.3.0 executables.

oaCapture-0.3.0 sources (bzip2)

oaCapture 0.2.0 executables.

oaCapture 0.1.0 executables.

oaCapture-0.1.0 sources (bzip2)

oaCapture 0.0.9-beta executables.

oaCapture-0.0.9-beta sources (bzip2)

oaCapture 0.0.7-beta executables.

oaCapture-0.0.7-beta sources (bzip2)

oaCapture 0.0.6-beta executables.

oaCapture 0.0.5-beta executables (bzip2).

oaCapture-0.0.5-beta sources (bzip2)

oaCapture 0.4.0-beta executables

0.0.4beta 32-bit x86

0.0.4beta 64-bit x86

0.0.4beta ARM (Pidora)

0.0.4beta ARM (Raspbian)

oaCapture-0.0.3-beta executables (32-bit and 64-bit x86, ARMv6, bzip2)

oaCapture-0.0.3-beta sources (bzip2)

oaCapture-0.0.2-alpha executables (32-bit and 64-bit x86, bzip2)

oaCapture-0.0.2-alpha sources (bzip2)

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