Monthly Archives: November 2014

oaCapture 0.1.0 is released

I’m not as happy with this release as I could be and it feels like it’s taken far more work than the list of changes suggests, but I need to draw a line somewhere so here it is.

Changes include a fair number of bugfixes, support for 64-bit values in the camera controls, cleaning up of the code so it generates no compile warnings in “extra-picky” mode (which probably fixes a few bugs in itself), support on Linux for Xagyl and Starlight Xpress filter wheels and fixes for problems with the QHY5L-II and FireWire cameras on OSX.

Support for the Xagyl and SX filter wheels should be sorted on OSX for the next release, if I can get it done in time. I’d quite like to try keeping up with a monthly release rather than having arbitrary delays because functionality isn’t complete.

Downloads are, rather obviously, on the downloads page.

New cameras to support

I’ve recently (too late for release 0.1.0) acquired a QHY6, an Atik 16ic and a Lodestar, so these are now on the list of cameras to add support for. I’d added them to my wishlist for the next following release, but that list is fairly flexible so we’ll have to see what happens.