Monthly Archives: January 2015

oaCapture 0.2.0

This has been my “difficult third album” 😀

Pretty much all of the coding has been done for some time, but those last few steps seem to have taken forever.

Changes include more bugfixes, improved support for Xagyl and SX filter wheels, support for the QHY6, SX Lodestar and Atik 16 (as far as I can test it) and some general tidying up.

Downloads on the downloads page, as if you couldn’t work it out…

I want to work on support for the Skyris cameras for the next release as well as adding a few other bits of functionality that have been requested. After that I think there’s going to be some major upheaval because I’ve decided the architecture for the camera (and filter, really) libraries just isn’t right. I couldn’t really have known that when I started, but now I’ve got a few cameras under my belt it’s obvious that a different approach would probably work much better. I also want to start thinking about support, either within oaCapture or as a separate application, for all-sky type cameras, and capture from the command line.