oaCapture is a planetary imaging application for Linux and MacOS.

It currently supports cameras such as the ZWO ASI series, many of the USB Imaging Source cameras, firewire cameras, some of the QHY models, most of the Celestron cameras, Point Grey USB (and GigE, where the libraries are available) models, some Starlight Xpress models, and some Touptek models. Some Altair cameras and Mallincam cameras can be supported on Linux with a small amount of fairly straightforward work by the user and on Linux cameras that use the kernel V4L2 interface (in particular the SPC900, though any camera that works natively on Linux) should be fine.

The application is based on the Qt (version 4) toolkit and written in C++ with support libraries in C so they can potentially be shared by other software. It will also compile against Qt5 though no significant testing has been done.

oacapture was used for capturing data from an ASI120MC for this image of Jupiter:

Jupiter, 25th November 2013

As well as the additional camera support it will include support for non-demosaicked frame capture, saving to SER files, runtime demosaicking, automated sequences of captures, limits on capture run lengths by frames or time, capture profiles and many other smaller new features.

Here’s a screenshot of an early release of the application, running with a DFK21.AU618 using a CCTV lens on my desk for testing:

oaCapture 0.0.3 beta

oaCapture 0.0.3 beta