oacapture 1.6.0 released

Well, it’s been something of a slog getting here, partly because I’ve been spending quite a bit of time building my observatory, but 1.6.0 is finally released!

Changes in this release include:

  • Update ZWO SDK to v1.14.0227
  • Update Altair SDK to v32.13483
  • Update Toupcam SDK to v33.13725
  • Integrate with libqhyccd v4.0.16
  • Merge code common to oacapture and oalive
  • Support CMYG output in SER files (for colour Lodestar and possibly others)
  • Add support for building on 64-bit ARM
  • Re-enable support for legacy Altair cameras dropped from recent SDKs by including a previous SDK
  • Support ROI and binning for the Lodestar
  • Support ROI and binning for Point Grey cameras
  • Add support for the Brightstar Quantum filter wheel (possibly also the Orion Nautilus?)
  • Plenty of bugfixes

I’ve expanded the number of pre-built binaries available to include quite a few new 32-bit ARM Ubuntu releases as well as a 64-bit ARM Ubuntu release alongside the usual MacOS and 64-bit Intel Linux releases.

There has been a huge restructuring of the code in this release as well. One of the motivations for that was just to make the code base easier to work on, but it should also make sharing code between oacapture, oalive and other applications that do similar but different things much easier.

Now time to start on 1.7.0 🙂