oaCapture 0.1.0 is released

I’m not as happy with this release as I could be and it feels like it’s taken far more work than the list of changes suggests, but I need to draw a line somewhere so here it is.

Changes include a fair number of bugfixes, support for 64-bit values in the camera controls, cleaning up of the code so it generates no compile warnings in “extra-picky” mode (which probably fixes a few bugs in itself), support on Linux for Xagyl and Starlight Xpress filter wheels and fixes for problems with the QHY5L-II and FireWire cameras on OSX.

Support for the Xagyl and SX filter wheels should be sorted on OSX for the next release, if I can get it done in time. I’d quite like to try keeping up with a monthly release rather than having arbitrary delays because functionality isn’t complete.

Downloads are, rather obviously, on the downloads page.