Changes for v0.0.4beta

In no particular order…

  • Improvements to installer for RPi
  • Make SER work on 32-bit machines
  • Big cleanup of liboacam API
  • Fix raw mode for ASI colour cameras
  • Enable 16-bit for ASI colour cameras
  • Enable 2x binning for ASI colour cameras
  • Add support for user-selectable displayed controls
  • Support 16-bit bayer frame formats for AVI
  • Fixed AVI timebase bug
  • Add ROI support
  • Add Smooth Hue demosaic method
  • Add VNG demosaic method
  • Add “%INDEX”/”%I” filename substitution
  • Add TIFF output support
  • Add support for more camera controls
  • Improvements to QHY5 camera handling
  • Support ROI on QHY5
  • Various other code cleanups