oaCapture 0.0.9 released

Well, it’s been a time coming, but I think 0.0.9 is finally done. I skipped 0.0.8 as I’d made an intermediate release available to a few people with that number.

Major changes for this release include:

  • Support for making the control panes dockable, moving them to the right hand side of the display or hiding them altogether, all of which will hopefully make the application a little more usable on smaller displays though I think there’s still work to be done there.
  • Full support for the ZWO USB3 cameras with the latest release of their SDK library
  • Inclusion of a new release of libusb
  • Inclusion of a new release of libuvc. I actually spent some time working on changes for this library to merge some of my enhancements and bugfixes back with those from a number of other people to produce a single set of sources which I’m pleased to say Ken has merged back into his master sources.
  • Some support for UVC webcams with YUYV video output streams
  • Support for FireWire cameras using IEEE1394/IIDC/DCAM

There are quite a few bugfixes too. There are still some niggles on OSX with the FireWire cameras that I may not have got fully sorted yet. In particular my Mavericks MacBook Pro whines about timeouts with a FireWire camera connected using the Thunderbolt adaptor and I haven’t got to the bottom of that yet.

I haven’t updated the documentation yet. I shall get that done as soon as I can. I think the only major changes are the new options for moving the control panes.