oaCapture 0.5.0 release

After sitting completed for a couple of weeks whilst life decided it had rather different plans for my time, version 0.5.0 is now released.

Major changes for this release include:

  • Support for saving 8-bit greyscale and raw colour images as Windows DIB format AVI files
  • Addition of an “auto” option for the demosaic pattern, meaning the pattern reported by the camera driver will be used
  • Extend the colour masks available in libuvc to support the DFK21 (and probably other TIS colour CCD cameras)
  • A first attempt at a focus aid
  • A first attempt at support for the QHY5-II

The Windows DIB support is probably the most important new feature as it means AVI files from greyscale and raw colour cameras should import directly into AutoStakkert!2 and Registax. This option is enabled in the settings pane. Thanks to Chris Garry, author of PIPP, for allowing me to use his code to write these files.

The driver for the QHY5-II is, well, a bit ropey 🙁 Documentation is very sketchy and I’d not really describe it as approaching the desirable level of stability.

There are also some other changes, to allow longer exposures on the (original) QHY5 for example, as well as the usual stack of bugfixes.

The manual still needs updating. I’ll get that done as soon as possible.