oaCapture 0.7.0 release

“Famous last words”. Integrating support for the new ASI cameras turned out to be somewhat more tricky than I envisaged. In the end I managed to pin down a couple of bugs, one in oaCapture and one in the ZWO SDK and now we’ve got those fixed it looks like it works fairly well, so here it is.

Besides support for the new cameras the only other significant changes in this release are the addition of flags to put the gain and exposure values into the name for the capture files. Gain will be substituted for either “%G” or “%GAIN” and “%EXPMS” or “%x” will use the exposure time in milliseconds. “%EXPS” or “%X” does the same but in seconds.

See the links above for downloads.

Current plans for the next release include some sort of support for the Celestron Neximage cameras and the Imaging Source CMOS camera models as well as fixing a few niggly UI bugs.