oacapture-1.1.0 released

It’s been a long time coming, but v1.1.0 is finally here. There are quite a few changes, though many of them won’t be visible to the casual observer. For instance, the build system has been made more robust and internal copies of libraries updated to fix a few problems on systems with older libraries. The more obvious bugfixes and enhancements include:

  • RPM and DEB format binary packages for Linux
  • Use the latest version of the ASI SDK (0.6.0504)
  • Support for PNG output
  • Enable building against Qt5
  • Increase usbfs memory available for ASI cameras
  • The default position of the controls is now to the right of the preview pane
  • FITS output is enabled for 8-bit RGB frames
  • TIFF format output should be allowed for colour cameras
  • 16-bit greyscale UVC cameras should be supported
  • A problem with the exposure time setting in the text file is fixed
  • A problem with slow exposures of over 999ms has been fixed
  • The “hide controls” option has been removed as the window splitter handle now supports this function

Remember on Linux that you need to add your user to the “users” group before many USB cameras will work. Linux users will also need to install the DEB/RPM files for libasicamera (which is a packaged version of the ASI SDK) and libuvc. These are also available on the downloads page.

My intention is to put the sources on Github shortly. If possible, please report issues on the Github issues tracker as it will enable me to keep track of things more easily.