oaCapture 0.0.3 beta released

It’s taken some time, but 0.0.3 beta is now out. ┬áSee the downloads section for source and binaries.

If you’re building the source, please read the files in the docs directory first otherwise you’re likely to get nowhere fast.

I have used this application for capturing images of Jupiter, but opportunities for “real life” testing have been few and far between this winter.

It should work with the SPC900 and many, if not all, of the ZWO ASI camera models though I’ve only tested against the ASI120MM and ASI120MC. Likewise the Imaging Source CCD cameras should all work, but I have only tested with some of the DxK21 models. The QHY5 seems to work for me but the documentation is limited and I wouldn’t like to guarantee it. Certainly it is very unreliable on the Raspberry Pi. The Xbox and Lifecam cameras will work, but require a bit of kernel-hackery.

As well as many bugfixes this release includes support for raw colour, demosaicking, capture limits by frame, SER file format output (v2), different reticle designs, improvements in the settings window management and improvements in handling of 16-bit and binned mono.